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Difference between Tank and Tankless water heaters

Tank water heaters utilize a single-pass heat exchanger. Heat is produced from the bottom, then rises through 50-100 gallons of cold water and exhausts through the top. Heat and energy is transferred just once and wasted in the form of high temperature fumes.
Cold water is deposited from the top and rests at the bottom, resulting in sediment build-up that erodes efficiency, durability and performance with each use. The design limits a tank's ability to produce endless hot water.

Tankless water heaters also exhaust heat with a single-pass process. Heat produced by the bottom burner rises through slow moving cold water. Heat and energy is transferred just once and wasted in the form of high temperature fumes similar to a conventional tank. Water pressure is reduced as water winds through the coiled copper heat exchanger and the copper pipes eventually fail due to scale build-up. The design limits the ability of the tankless to provide consistent hot water to multiple applications. (Yearly descaling requried on tankless water heaters.)



Rinnai - Your Beginning to endless hot water
(Yearly descaling required on all tankless water heaters)

The Rinnai tankless hot water heater is a state-of-the art, energy -efficient water heating system that uses a gas powered heat exchanger to heat water on demand. Compact in size our innovative tankless technology heats water only as needed when water flow is detected, resulting in endless hot water. And unlike traditional tank systems, the Rinnai system can deliver hot water to multiple water sources simultaneously at a constant user-set temperature.





Bradford White

Our residential EverHot® tankless water heaters supply continuous hot water at a set temperature to the entire house. These units only operate when there's a call for hot water resulting in reduced energy consumption. These models also save space and are available for indoor or outdoor installation.

  • Reduced Energy Consumption!
  • Efficiencies up to 87%
  • 2 Models (Interior and Exterior)
  • 15,000 – 180,000 (Indoor), 199,000 (Outdoor) Self Regulating BTU/Hr. Inputs
  • Temperature ranges from
    98° F -160° F

(Model numbers include: IGI-180R-10N & IGE-199R-10N)

  • Nine pass heat exchanger
  • Remote control
  • Direct Electronic ignition
  • Diagnostic controls
  • Lime accumulation sensor
  • Fully automatic controls
  • Continous flow
  • Very low noise level
  • Cut energy waste
  • Interior and exterior models
  • Space saving installation
  • Ten year limited warranty on heat exchanger
  • Five year limited warranty on parts

Rheem - Tankless water heaters

Rheem Now has 3 models of Tankless Water Heaters. If your home has 1-2 bathrooms, you should consider a Rheem Tankless RTG-64 series water heater. RTG-84 for 2 to 3 bedroom homes. For Larger homes with 3 bathrooms, the larger Rheem Tankless RTG-95 series water heater should be selected.  For homes with more than 3 bathrooms, large volume demands for hot water, or hot water circulating systems, you should choose our Rheem Tankless RTG-95 Commercial heater Series.  In some applications, our RTG-84 and RTG-95 Rheem Tankless water heater can be linked together in a manifold configuration to meet the higher volume demands for continuous hot water. In fact, up to 20  models can be linked together to work as one water heating system where only one remote control and manifold controller are required – a Rheem Tankless Exclusive Feature.

The tranditional tank water heater is one of the most popular choices when replacing a water heater because of lower installation and initial purchase cost. Most tank water heaters have a life of 7 - 13 years.

Rheem - Air Management Services is an authorized repair center for all Rheem water heaters


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