Electronic Air Cleaners

Aprilaire Model 5000

The Aprilaire Model 5000 is the only air cleaner that removes over 98% of particles down to one micron in size – 24-7, 365 days a year with minimal once-a-year maintenance.

Incomparable benefits.

  • Unsurpassed performance – The only whole-home air cleaner that removes Virus-sized particles at a rate of 80% and respirable dust at a rate of 94%.
  • Healthier home environment – Permanently traps pollen-sized particles at a rate greater than 99.5% and mold spore particles (3 microns and larger ) at a rate of 99%.
  • Long service life – Requires no maintenance other than the replacement of the filter media and wiping down of the ionizing wires once a year.
  • No efficiency loss over time – most whole-home air cleaners lose efficiency as they collect contaminants, starting the first day they are installed. The Model 5000 maintains peak efficiency throughout the year.