Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps work like an all-in-one cooling and heating system. During summer months, the heat pump works like an air conditioner, extracting heat from inside your home and moving it outdoors. When the weather turns cooler, the process is reversed as the unit collects heat from the air outside and transfers it inside.


Amana’s air-source heat pumps use advanced technology and the refrigeration cycle to heat and cool your home. This allows the heat pump to provide year-round indoor comfort – no matter the season!



Lennox is your source for the most efficient and quietest heat pumps you can buy.

Shown: XP25 Heat Pump Solar Ready

The XP25 uses revolutionary Precise Comfort® technology to maintain an ideal temperature and perfect humidity under any conditions, all while saving you hundreds of dollars in energy costs. It’s simply the most advanced, most capable heat pump ever created.